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Genius storage tips for small flats

Genius storage tips for small flats

Do you live in a small flat and are struggling to find adequate storage? The team at Marsh & Parsons in Tooting know a thing or two about utilising space... here, they share their genius storage tips for your home.

Whether you’re renting or buying in Tooting (or elsewhere), one of the most valuable features is storage space, something that is in short supply in London. According to the Chartered Association of Building Engineers, storage is especially important in bedrooms and kitchens, with roof space and cellars also being valued for their storing ability.

So, unless you’re thinking of channelling your inner minimalist, you need to maximise your space for your money. Here we share our genius storage tips for your small flat.

Hidden storage

bed storage

Be creative with the square footage that you do have and make sure your furniture is working doubly hard to earn its space. Hidden storage is a great way of giving furniture multiple uses and it means that your belongings are tidied away neatly. A quick win is under the bed storage. Look at buying an ottoman style bed, which has storage underneath. They are great for storing larger items like towels, bedding and blankets if you’re short on airing cupboard space.

Invest in collapsible and foldable furniture

dining table

Unable to host dinner parties like you’ve always wanted, because modest city living doesn’t leave room for a banquet table? A collapsible table and foldaway chairs will have you saying “come dine with me” in no time. Drop-leaf tables are excellent for this. And, whilst it’s not in use, it can be hidden away behind the sofa as a handy sideboard. 

Floating shelving


Whilst floor space is limited, something you have in higher abundance are walls. So fill them with shelving. Floating shelving is an especially smart storage solution for a small space because regardless of what’s happening on the floor below, there is always room to squeeze them in.

Use storage to divide spaces

storage divide

Combined kitchen/living spaces are common in smaller flats to benefit from the maximum number of bedrooms. So if your living room is also your kitchen, dining room or your bedroom, storage is the perfect way to create the illusion of a divide between areas where walls may be lacking. Keep it close to other furniture like sofas and it can act as storage and a side table, again making the most of your square footage.


Utilise alcoves


London is full of Victorian style properties full of character and alcoves which are primed for storage space. Alcoves in a bedroom can easily be turned into floor to ceiling wardrobes, providing, often much needed, cupboard space. Whilst elsewhere in a flat, alcoves make a great space to set up your home office.

Build big storage

wall storage

It might seem counterintuitive to build a big storage unit in a small space - but trust us, it works. Building storage around a focal point in the room, such as a TV or a bed, is a great way to utilise otherwise unused space. Block furniture and simple shelving works best to store all your books and DVDs.

Look up

Something we’re all guilty of, in life and in our homes, is taking the time to look up. But if you do, you’ll see a goldmine of storage space. Something as simple as including shelving as a picture rail around the perimeter of your bedroom can dramatically increase the storage options available to you.

Use radiators for shelf space

radiator cover storage

Radiators take up a lot of wall space. Seeing as they are only used for 5 or 6 months of the year they are a prime example of furnishings that need to work a bit harder to pay their way in the storage stakes. Whilst you don’t want to block radiators and lose the heat when you need it, investing in a radiator cover or cabinet is a good way to create more surface and shelving space.


Marsh & Parsons Tooting is an award-winning estate agent and one of our valued Community Partners. Find them at 29-31 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7TS. Call John-Paul (sales) or Matthew (lettings) on 020 8115 8053.

Click here to view local properties for Sale and here for Lettings.

Find out more on their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Find out more about our Community Partners here.


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