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Affordable and convenient storage solutions in Tooting

Affordable and convenient storage solutions in Tooting


Looking for local storage for you or your business? Think twice before using self-storage. Oisin from Tooting’s OIS Removals explains all...

One of the issues we can all face living in London is the problem of space. Lots of us want to live in minimalist environments, with clean and tidy spaces and less clutter in our lives. With one of the most popular shows currently on Netflix being “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” – having a declutter is very much on trend right now.

Lots of us feel like we need more space, but are also attached to our possessions, knowing that they might come in handy one day, having sentimental value or perhaps being purchased now with a view to moving to a larger property in the future. This often leads us to seeking out short or long term storage solutions so that we can keep hold of these items but still maintain the tidy spaces we want to inhabit.

OIS Storage

This is where self-storage usually steps in – big brands have high visibility to the public and advertising budgets to match. However, before you head through their doors, consider that using a local storage company can provide both a cheaper alternative and a much better service.

Why is self-storage not always the cheapest?

Surely ‘self-storage’ must be the cheapest option? I mean, you’re doing the leg work yourself right? False. This is because self-storage companies usually sell storage by the room. You receive a key to a room and you pay for 100% of the room, whether you fill it or not.

Self-storage has it’s perks, if you are looking to store items that you might regularly need access to – like a bike you use at the weekends or perhaps an ongoing project like parts for a classic car – then self-storage is a good consideration.

OIS Storage

What makes managed storage a better option?

With a managed storage solution, such as ours, the storage company does the stacking, organising and storage for you – they ensure their spaces are used as efficiently as possible so you only pay for the exact storage space you need. The warehouses used are more secure than self-storage as they are not open to the public and access to stored items are only available by appointment.

Beyond this, storage companies do the leg work for you and some, such as OIS Removals & Storage, will even collect your items from you and deliver them back to you when you need them – entirely free of charge (subject to your storage requirements).

So it seems that self-storage is not only more expensive, but it’s also more hard work for you.

What’s more, if you are currently using storage solutions for yourself or your business, we will match or even beat your current price – we’ll even collect your items from your current provider and store them securely in their Tooting storage facility.

If you would like to obtain a free quote for your storage needs, just visit the OIS Storage Solutions webpage and fill in the online form.

OIS Removals are a Tooting-based removals, storage and packing company, and one of our valued Community Partners. They’re a Which Trusted Trader and have great reviews on Checkatrade. Download their moving checklist here.

Find out more on their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For any queries, call them on 020 8944 9713, or email You can find out more about our Community Partners here.

OIS Removals
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