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How your door colour could provide a gateway to your psyche

How your door colour could provide a gateway to your psyche

| by Marsh & Parsons, Tooting | Posted in News, Home & Garden, Advertorial

How much thought have you given to the shade of your front door here in Tooting? According to research conducted by Marsh & Parsons, in conjunction with international colour consultancy Pantone, your choice of door colour could provide insight into the type of person you are.

The most popular colours to adorn the doors of London are black, white, grey, navy, red, green, purple, pink, yellow and natural stain.

Certain areas of the capital tend to favour particular colours with black the prevalent choice for the white stucco homes of North Kensington and the conservation areas of Camden such as Rochester Terrace Gardens and Camden Square. In parts of Islington, residents also prefer a darker doorway, and black is highly common, particularly in Canonbury, Barnsbury and Angel.

Notting Hill’s doors and facades are far from dull ­and famously vibrant. Portobello Road is exceptionally eye-catching, and its vivid entrances represent the road’s flamboyant past and present. Mews houses across London tend to be painted in more radiant colours, particularly in the Marylebone area. In the bohemian parts of Camden, owners make use of all the colours of the rainbow to express their personalities.


In wealthy Belgravia and Mayfair, black again dominates but not exclusively so. Certain properties across South Kensington and Chelsea are only allowed black doors. Halsey Street in Chelsea is a prominent example of the use of pastel colours, as owners might not get away with bright pinks or luminous orange hues.

So, what exactly do these colours signify? Marsh & Parsons asked the Pantone Colour Institute for its interpretation to see how the colour of your door defines you.

Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute, said, “Black (or Black Onyx as we refer to it internally) has elegant, powerful, and prestigious undertones. Indeed, it is imposing, sleek and chic. Brilliant White is simple, crisp and pristine and often favoured by those going for a minimalist look. Castor Grey is timeless and classic, so doesn’t run the risk of going out of fashion.

“Navy Peony is authoritative and trustworthy, while Nile Green is calm, quiet and soothing. True Red is quite the opposite and more likely to be preferred by commanding, dynamic and engaging individuals. Argyle Purple suggests those with a penchant for the dramatic, Minion Yellow is optimistic and energising, Pink Lavender is youthful and spirited while opting for a natural stain is rustic and warming.”


We don’t think you can be too scientific about people’s choice of colour, but clearly someone who chooses black (like No. 10 Downing Street) is probably inclined towards an imposing first impression that suggests power and prestige. But someone who paints their front door a vibrant pink or yellow is also making a statement that life should be fun.

That’s what makes London so fascinating. Although there are patterns and restrictions in some areas, in the main people are free to express themselves, and evidently, Londoners enjoy making striking statements with their choice of colour.

We would not suggest that a particularly outlandish colour might affect a sale, but psychologically people might subconsciously be more attracted to a house which reflects their own personality.

Marsh & Parsons Tooting is an award-winning estate agent and one of our valued Community Partners. Find them at 29-31 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7TS. Call John-Paul (sales) or Matthew (lettings) on 020 8115 8053.

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Find out more on their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Find out more about our Community Partners here.


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