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Bring some Scandinavian Spring to Tooting!

Bring some Scandinavian Spring to Tooting!

With the days finally getting warmer, it’s time to leave all things wintery and dark behind us. This spring season calls for Scandinavian design in the home, inspired by nature and a neutral colour scheme. The Scandinavian nation is known for being among the happiest in the world – and their surrounding interiors play a pivotal role in their constant contentment.

A minimalist approach is key to Scandinavian design, and by using light woods, calming colours and clean-cut furniture, you can create a functional and inviting space. Recent research has also found the positive health benefits of an uncluttered and organised home.

If you’re wondering how to freshen up your home in a Scandinavian style this spring, have a read through these tips from the team at Marsh & Parsons Tooting.

Earthy inspiration

When it comes to choosing what type of wood to use in the home, lighter is always better. Wooden furniture also connects any living space with nature and complements more modern features. An ‘unfinished’ look will create a more rustic feel.

Earthy Inspiration

Don’t shy away from shades

As much as Scandinavian style draws on neutral colours – adding a touch of something brighter is perfect for bringing that spring feeling into the home. A piece of vivid wall art, a patterned rug or a printed pillow can give some life to the monochrome colour palate. Softer or dusty pastels are also becoming more popular in Scandinavian design and are recognised for creating a sense of tranquillity.

Don't shy away from shades
Photo: Architectural Digest 

Pack in the plants

You can also add an element of colour to your space with some plants or flowers. Keeping with the earthy theme, floral features and natural greenery are an excellent way to enhance the room’s Scandinavian aesthetic. You can even put a bunch of stems into a glass jar for a simpler look.

Scandinavian Spring

Must-have materials

Apart from wood, other materials used to create the ultimate Scandinavian space include worn leather, wicker, copper, wool, brass, rattan and sheepskin.

Worn leather chairs and couches work well against a white or light-coloured backdrop. Sheepskin rugs or blankets succeed in bringing in more texture and preventing a room from looking too sparse.

Don’t hold back from mixing and matching different materials but try and keep most of them light. You must also remember to keep clutter to a minimum – this will make every room in your home feel bigger and cleaner.

Functional furniture

Clean lines are critical to achieving Scandinavian design – and every item should serve a purpose. Practical storage solutions, smooth rounded edges and well-positioned furniture are all part of a Scandinavian decor scheme.

Say no to carpets

Forget carpets in Scandinavian design as whitewashed or wooden floors are essential in creating a clean base.

Although clean doesn’t have to mean boring – you can go a more creative route with patterned tiles or choose a light-coloured wood. Again, you can use soft and furry rugs to make the room cosier.

A neutral floor with white walls ensures that your home will be flooded with natural light – Scandinavians see this as essential during the winter months.

Lighting is a life source

Given that Nordic countries have extremely dark winter months, it makes sense that they like to use plenty of light inside their homes. Whether its hanging lamps, candles or lanterns, the more softly illuminated the room, the happier you will soon begin to feel (so the Scandinavians believe). Windows are often left bare or covered with a light or sheer fabric.

Marsh & Parsons Tooting is an award-winning estate agent and one of our valued Community Partners. Find them at 29-31 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7TS. Call John-Paul (sales) or Matthew (lettings) on 020 8115 8053.

Click here to view local properties for Sale and here for Lettings.

Find out more on their website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Find out more about our Community Partners here.


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